Manage and control your bank offices

Audit Analytics is a digital solution that combines a mobile application and a web dashboard and allows you to easily perform inspections and audits to ensure compliance of standards, the proper execution of commercial campaigns, the care of the corporate image and brand, and any other follow-up that requires monitoring in the branches. We use Machine Learning and Deep Learning to analyze the data collected and generate accurate reports and reports for decision making.

Intuitive design of data collection forms that include multimedia elements (photos, videos), conditional and multiple choice, voice to text input, definition of mandatory or optional fields as well as a rating of the same that allow you to analyze from the beginning of the inspection.

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The solution to your inspection needs


Exceptional measures due to COVID-19

Getting back to normal is proving to be complicated. The protocols that ensure the safety of our customers and employees require a significant level of detail.

Make sure that all these protocols are followed every day, and keep the reports and evidence to prove it.

With Audit Analytics you can use our templates specifically designed for COVID-19 or create your own adapted to your needs, and thus be able to control all of your security parameters.

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Discover Audit Analytics

Usability and ease of use

It has a set of powerful components for the discovery and intake of data, which at the same time will show information in a simple and intuitive way.

Great capacity of parameterization

It allows to parameterize and configure processes, reducing the subsequent maintenance and dependence on technology providers.

Processing capacity

Process large volumes of information. The technology we use ensures adequate response times for the volume of information to be processed.

Independence of the solution

Independence from data sources. Allows the incorporation of new information sources without increasing the technical complexity of the solution.