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and verification form industry may be.

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This is how Audit Analytics can help you

  • If you are tired of collecting data manually
  • Audit Analytics automates your checklists, audits or inspections.
    Completely eliminate paper or Excel spreadsheet collection and integrate the collected information into your systems instantly.

  • Data analysis
  • We use Artificial Intelligence to analyze the data collected, improving the quality of the reports made and avoiding duplication of information or possible falsification of data.

  • Process improvement
  • It saves more than 50% of time in data collection and more than 80% in management of related incidents.

  • No complex applications
  • Provide your team with an easy-to-use inspection solution that they can manage from wherever they are.

    Design the data collection in an intelligent way and include multimedia elements, conditionals, or keep track of them, starting the analysis from the very beginning of the inspection.

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Advantages of Audit Analytics

Provide your team with an easy to use solution that allows them to obtain the data you need in an intuitive way, following a prefixed workflow, saving more than 50% of time.
Visibility and knowledge to help operational standards, systematic management of productivity, quality, and reliability throughout your organization.


Exceptional measures due to COVID-19

Trying to get back to normal in these times is complicated.With so many protocols, it is easy to forget some and put at risk the people we work with or who come into our businesses

Making sure that all of these protocols are followed every day and having a report of them is of utmost importance.

With Audit Analytics you can use our templates specifically designed for COVID-19 or create your own adapted to your needs, and thus be able to control all of your security parameters.

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